Bulking Diet

Hey all, new to this forum stuff. Anyway, heres my bulking diet. Any feedback or suggestions would be hugely appreciated. Been training 3 years, train 4 days a week with very high intensity with a combo of heavy weight/low reps and high rep burnouts.

Height: 5’8
Weigth: 87KG / 191lbs

7:30 AM Casien Shake
10:30 Omlette (4 whites, 1 full) + large bowl of porridge/oats
2:00 Steak burger and chicken breast
6:00 2 X Omlettes
9:45 whey protien shake (post workout) + steak burger
12:00 Casien shake

What does everyone think?

Red Wine and a nice big Steak for your cheat day.

Red Wine and a nice big Steak for your cheat day.

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So I was reading Muscle and Development. Some guys on their cheat day consume alot!

One guy I forget his name, but he is a big time pro. He had an article done on him and he says that even up to two weeks out he consumes 15,000 calories, sometimes 20,000 on Sundays. His menu was insane. Eating a half pint of ice cream along with eggs and so forth in the morning. Unreal.

These guys do that cause of how much size they have correct? Stupid question possibly but just wanted your opinions.

Being a hardgainer is tough. Trying to be humble here for once.

Here’s a typical meal plan I have been following. Now remember this is just an example of one day. I switch up the meats but usually do stick to Chicken most days.

Whey Protein Isolate immediately upon waking.
Followed by 5-6 brown large eggs (Organic) and half a cup of Old Fashioned oats.
PW meal – Quest Protein Bar with Apple
Lunch – Skinless Chicken Breast, Broccoli (Cup) and Half Cup of Brown Rice.
Afternoon Snack- All natural PB and celery
Afternoon Snack 2 – Half Cup Fat Fee Cottage Cheese
Dinner – Garden Salad with low fat/low sodium dressing. Sirloin/Eye of the Round, Asparagus, Sweet Potato/Brown Rice, and Avacado.
Before Bed- Plain Greek Yogurt

Do fat people really enjoy being gross? The ones that are capable of exericising.

Quote Originally Posted by HeavyB View Post
I think you will find most people on here have been fat at one time or the other. I know I have and no MF nobody wants to be fat if it was easy everyone would be fit. What about all the skinny MF that cant gain size you think they want to be that way.
Get your on life in check before you start putting down others and saying they can or cant or they are lazy.

Hell maybe in your eyes I am fat I got a belly right now. My diet is right, I lift 5 days a week do MMA 2 days a week for 2hrs at a time. So am I a fat slob?

Make some useful posts or go the fuck away.

I can relate to your post. I graduated high school with a 40″ waist busting at the seam and weighed 285lb and was probably 40% body fat. I was strong as hell so nobody really picked on me for it. Joked, yes…but not flat out picking on me. They knew I’d still beat the shit out of them for it.

Anyways, I wanted a change of life style. I hopped on Ripped Fuel when it still had ephedrine in it (circa 2000). Within 10 months of eating clean, cutting out sodas, and exercising daily, I dropped to 175lbs. At my lowest, I got down to 167lbs but got called a gutted snow bird. lol.

At that point, I wanted my muscle back. Got on some Andro poppers and some PH that CEL had out at the time and got back up to a fairly lean 200lbs. That was my best appearance. Since then, it has been a slippery slope of trying to maintain/grow muscle while controlling the fat. I dont think there are more than a handful of people on this board that will ever be able to say they are happy with their appearance at any given time. But that is what we all strive for every day.

Weight Loss Dilemma!!


Its been 3 years since i have been trying to lose weight with some dedication and pills, i have been able to achieve some weight loss, i consumed pills for weight and followed strict diet followed by workout, but i gained weight as soon as i stopped training.

I am unable to understand is it the pills that helped me lose weight or was it the workout.

Sweet Potatoes bad before bed? Confused.

So Ive heard that Sweet Potatoes are bad before bed, but are a great choice for healthy carbs.

Well Ive been eating one with my dinner meal roughly around 4 days per week and haven’t had any fat gain. Just muscle gain.

So is eating sweet potatoes before bed a myth? When it comes to them being bad for you?

Do you consider it cheating if you don’t go over your macros?

Quote Originally Posted by skinnyguy180 View Post
I think you’re kind of a self conscious tool that needs to learn how to research basic information(negged) but I will give an answer to the question for inquiring eyes.

Your body will get a lot more micro nutrients from healthy food sources which will aid in life as well as building muscle. If you want to learn more about the importance and function of micro nutrients check out the link listed or just Google “importance of micro nutrients”.



If a guy only eats lean meats, fish, green veggies, Greek Yogurt and Fat free cottage cheese, along with brown rice and has an ice cream once every 6 months, I find it hard to consider that a cheat meal , especially if he doesn’t go over his macros for the day.

Right now we got people out there who take hard stimulants to workout (Yes like working out doesn’t get your heart pumping enough) and steroids, and they are against enjoying ice cream once in a while. LOL WTF.